Our Latest Campaigns Include: FreshCo. & The Toronto Public Library


Receipt Media offers you the most effective, highly targeted, and lowest-cost advertising available anywhere.


Receipt Media places exceptionally visible, four-colour coupons on the backs of supermarket register receipt rolls. Supermarket cashiers then place these receipts, emblazoned with your valuable coupon, directly into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people when they do their weekly supermarket shopping. Advertising does not get more direct or recurring than this!


Receipt Media advertising, at less than half a penny a coupon, is also the lowest cost advertising medium available. For example, our recent FreshCo campaign places coupons on the backs of all receipt rolls used at all 80 Ontario FreshCo supermarkets for approximately two months. During this period, these 80 supermarkets will use approximately 24,000 rolls of register tape, with each coupon appearing about 115 times on each roll. That translates into more than 2.7 million coupons presented to the consumer!

For a fraction of the cost of conventional print, broadcast or Internet advertising, your coupon is placed directly into your shopper’s hands.

Place your message directly in the targeted customer’s hand, on a consistent basis, for less than half a penny a coupon!