Our Latest Campaigns Include: FreshCo. & The Toronto Public Library

Why It Works

Why It Works

Everybody buys groceries. Weekly shopping means influencing households up to 52 times a year! Studies also indicate that grocery shoppers are most receptive to advertising at point of purchase, which is precisely when Receipt Media puts your coupon into your targeted customer’s hand! And unlike junk mail coupons, customers are likely to use your receipt coupons because they check and keep their store receipts. The fact that customers receive these coupons in a setting as familiar and as comfortable as the local supermarket dramatically increases the respect and the value that the customer attaches to a receipt coupon. And studies show that current economic difficulties have increased coupon use at all socioeconomic levels.

Receipt advertising also targets women, who do most supermarket shopping. It is prudent to target women because, as proven, women make most household buying decisions and most often redeem coupons and promotions.

Receipt advertising is a consistent, measurable marketing strategy that effectively reaches hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Your success with Receipt Media can also be tracked with QR codes that lead customers to your website, where they can enroll in a loyalty program, receive information and so much more. You can even do split run advertising for real-time testing of different offers, messages and price points. Receipt advertising is, therefore, the most effective way of increasing sales, branding, influencing brand switching and facilitating marketing tests. Why waste valuable advertising dollars on traditional campaigns that indiscriminately reach too broad a market?

Place your message directly in the targeted customer’s hand, on a consistent basis, for less than half a penny a coupon!